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Strong Character Resources for Parents

Parents learn CARE Coaching: how to Connect with their children, Ask questions to help their children set goals and solve problems, and Reinforce and Encourage the progress their children are making. The curriculum is available in a workbook and an online course.

Strong Character: Parent Workbook

Ingenium's full-color Strong Character: A Workbook for Parents equips parents with an evidence-based, coach-approach method to teach Strong Character skills to their kids. Brief descriptions and interactive exercises and examples make it easy for parents to practice the CARE coaching model. Parents learn to guide their children on how to solve problems, control their emotions, and choose the behaviors that lead to success.

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Strong Character: Parent Online Tool

Ingenium’s online Strong Character Coach: Guide for Parents teaches parents how to use CARE Coaching. Parents help their children set and achieve goals, control their emotions, and do better in school. Engaging online content and interactive exercises make it easy for parents to learn and practice the CARE coaching approach.

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Strong Character: Parent App

This app gives parents easy access to tips on how to coach their children in setting and reaching goals, controlling their emotions, and doing better in school.

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The Strong Character program materials are funded in part by the United Way of West Michigan.