The Science Behind Character Coaching

“Intelligence plus character—
that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

“Character skills rival IQ in predicting educational attainment, labor market success, health, and criminality.”

—Nobel Prize-winning economist
James Heckman

Character Matters

What skills are needed for success in life?

A wide range of skills are needed for success in life. The traditional focus on academic achievement misses the importance of non-cognitive skills, social-emotional learning, and executive function, also called “character skills.” There is now growing evidence that these skills predict an array of important life outcomes in areas such as academic performance, employment, earnings, and health. These character skills can be taught, and improved.

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Character Skills Can Be Taught

Character skills are malleable traits, traits that can be taught, developed, and improved.  Such skills enable people to shape their lives in the present in order to create skills for the future (Heckman and Kautz, 2013).