How it Works (old)

Progressions' programs reinforce the foundational character skills enabling students to thrive in school, the community and the workplace. 

Progressions' three part intervention model consists of: 

Success Centers

  • School classrooms, community centers and schools
  • Structured learning environment including small groups
  • Multi-media resources including workbooks, videos, websites

Success Coaches

  • Qualified adult staff trained in youth development and character coaching
  • Provide 1:1 support and assist students in practical application of skills
  • Teach Character Coaching curriculum and teach parent workshops

Character Coaching Curriculum

  • Based on best practices in character and resiliency development
  • Emphasizes non-cognitive skills such as emotional awareness, control and goal setting  
  • Provides foundation for acquiring academic and social skills necessary for success 
    • Emotional control
    • Resiliency skills
    • Successful behavior
    • Asking and receiving help
    • Goal setting and working hard
    • Perseverance
    • Moral value
    • Self-perception