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How Our Character Coaching for Youth is Delivered:

Assess Needs

We’ll meet with your team and identify your specific program needs, objectives and resources. We’ll identify: number of youth involved, background of youth, site location, schedule, staff and resources required.

Design Program

Once we’ve identified program needs, we’ll design a character coaching program that meets those needs while also ensuring the program incorporates all the elements of best practices in character coaching.

Acquire Resources

This step involves acquiring all the resources necessary to deploy the program. This includes identifying program objectives, site, staff, materials, and funding necessary to support it.


Our team includes well-qualified character coaches to facilitate our programs. In addition, we provide Train-The-Trainer trainings for staff affiliated with the group served.

Deploy Program

This phase involves delivering the character coaching program as designed for the specific program served. The group served may be school students, or members of a church or community youth group.

Measure Progress

Track Progress includes pre, mid and post-deployment assessment of pre-determined variables, based on program design, to determine program effectiveness.


Whenever possible, we like to check in with youth who have completed the program at the 6 month, 12 month and 24th month period to ensure ongoing application of character skills and success.

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Want to learn more about how you can help Progressions achieve its mission?

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